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IES files for Spec Sheet: WL-43090

  .IES File Catalog Number
  CSB070M.ies CSB070M
  CSB070S.ies CSB070S
  CSB100M.ies CSB100M
  CSD100M.ies CSD100M
  CSF070S.ies CSF070S
  CSF100M.ies CSF100M
  CSH070S.ies CSH070S
  CSH100M.ies CSH100M
  CSP070MC.ies CSP070M
  CSP070M.ies CSP070M
  CSP070S.ies CSP070S
  CSP070SC.ies CSP070S
  CSP100M.ies CSP100M
  CSP100MC.ies CSP100M
  CST070M.ies CST070M
  CST070S.ies CST070S
  CST100M.ies CST100M