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Compact Fluorescent Emergency Battery Pack
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  EM - Compact Fluorescent Emergency Battery Pack
Self contained high temperature emergency battery pack operates one lamp for a minimum of 90 minutes following a power failure. Internal charge recharges battery following restoration of power. Remote test light and charging indicator light are provided to monitor charger and battery.

Example: OM626PLT-CS-EM120/277

Pair 27
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  Q1031 - Pair 27
Flat bar hangers are optional (order separately). Holes are positioned for nailing joists on 16

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  FZ - Fusing
Individual fixtures may be protected with a line fuse which will automatically take fixture out of service in an overload current situation.
Please specify voltage.

Example: OM626PLT-CS-FZ277

Integral Emergency Fixture
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  IE - Integral Emergency Fixture
Test switch and charging indicator light are mounted inside the reflector, maintaining a clean ceiling.

Example: OM61H32PLT-CS-IE120/277

Pair, channel barhangers
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  Q1032 - Pair, channel barhangers
Channel bar hangers are optional (order separately). Channel barhangers are notched to fit vertical runner of mechanical T-bar ceiling. Spaced 24" on center.

Pair, adjustable barhangers
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  Q1033 - Pair, adjustable barhangers
Pre-nailed, adjustable bar hangers that telescope from 14 to 24 inches. Alignment holes provided to center fixture on 14, 16, and 24 inch centers.

Dual Tap Transformer
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  Q2075 - Dual Tap Transformer
Replacement kit for low voltage fixtures is provided with a 120/277 volt dual tap transformer to 12 volt.

Order separately.

Slope Ceiling Adapter
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  SA - Slope Ceiling Adapter
Adapter for standard Omega recessed downlights which allows the fixture to be mounted in sloped ceiling conditions. The slope adapter maintains the lighting distribution of the standard downlight by proper alignment of the fixture in the ceiling.

Cylinder Aligning Canopy
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  AC2 - Cylinder Aligning Canopy
Die cast aluminum free moving and self aligning outlet box cover. Attaches to 3 1/4" or 4" octagon outlet box (by others). Allows for up to 45° adjustability for use with sloped ceilings or seismic requirements. Add AC2 for two aligning canopies–one mounted to outlet box, and one mounted to fixture. (this is an option that has to be added to the catalog number when it is ordered, it is not an afterthought)

Quartz Relay
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  QR - Quartz Relay
This option is designed for auxiliary light during the H.I.D. lamp cool-down period after a momentary power outage. It is not intended for use with an auxiliary power source nor will it operate when the H.I.D. lamp is on.

Example: OM670ED17PMH-QR-120/277

Quartz Emergency
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  QEM - Quartz Emergency
This option is designed for stand-by lighting during a power outage and is to be used in conjunction with an auxiliary power source (i.e., 120v generator). The QEM relay is wired at the factory to a 120 volt tap of the ballast and sensed line voltage. A 120 volt AC generator must be wired in to the fixture during installation. In the event of a power failure the emergency generator is activated (generator and controls to switch the generator on and off are suppolied by others) and the relay defects the emergency 120 volt AC to the quartz lamp. When power is restored, the relay switches the circuit back to the H.I.D. lamp. The generator can then be switched off (controls supplied by others). Both lamps will not operate at the same time.

Example: OM670ED17PMH-QEM-120/277

Quartz Time Delay
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  QTD - Quartz Time Delay
This option is designed for auxiliary light during the H.I.D. lamp warm-up period as well as the cool-down period after a momentary power outage. This option will operate on an H.I.D. circuit by sensing the current to the H.I.D. lamp. Once it detects this flow of current a 2 minute timer is activated. Upon initial power to the fixture the quartz lamp will come on for approximately 2 minutes to provide auxiliary lighting during lamp warm-up. Also, during the cool-down period after a momentary power outage. the relay senses that there is no current flow and switches power to the quartz lamp. Upon restrike of the H.I.D. lamp the controller switches the quartz lamp off after approximately 2 minutes. The quartz lamp is energized until the H.I.d. lamp reaches 60-70% full lumen output at either initial start-up or after a momentary power outage. There must be power to the fixture for the QTD to operate.

Example: OM670ED17PMH-QTD-120/277

Shatter Guard
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  SH - Shatter Guard
Protective lamp shatter shield of tempered safety glass. Shatterguard is optional where it is not provided with the fixture.

Example: OM626PLT-CS-120/277-SH

Thick Ceiling Adapters
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  OMTCA - Thick Ceiling Adapters
This is an adapter for standard Omega Revelation and Spex recessed downlights which allows the fixture to be mounted in ceilings up to 2-1/2" thick.

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